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A special thank you to Alone Trainor who was INC Umpire Convenor for many years,  Alone has dedicated many hours to INC and umpires group.  We have been so lucky to see Alone at many games umpiring and what a wonderful lady to watch,  Alone has achieved Netball NZ umpire status and we hope that she stays around for many years to come. Pictured with Shannon Michelle who is aspiring to follow in her footsteps and presented Alone with a gift and flowers from the INC umpire group.

Congratulations to Terie Wilson our Cadbury Volunteer of the Month - May 2023

Terie Wilson stepped into the role of umpire convenor whilst she was off work due to a injury but picked up the role and hasn't stopped. INC are proud to advise we have had over 400 people either be upskilled, provide mentoring, theory exams, junior development umpiring and many clinics under Terie's encouragement. Terie has also willingly provided guidance on Saturday grading and umpire allocation for teams. Terie's passion for netball has put INC in a much better place for the netball season. The role of umpire convenor is unpaid and yet Terie is always available for input and ideas. She also coaches two teams from her club Makarewa. Terie is so positive and enjoys a laugh which makes anyone feel at ease and willing to help out in many ways. Terie has held many umpire coaching workshops which people are responding to. What a wonderful way to acknowledge Terie's input with a basket of Cadbury goodies.